Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by clutter and mess, resulting from various changes in your life like relocation, moving in together with your partner or getting a baby?

Do you feel like the clutter is causing your stress and you are drowning in it?

Hi, I am Inga a Professional Home Organiser and founder of Home in Balance.  I am here to help you get organized, make positive changes
in your life and restore your space through implementation of simple and creative organizing solutions.

I will assist you with reducing, prioritizing and organizing your possessions to simplify your daily life.

Home in Balance was founded to help you reduce chaos at your home, office and everyday life.
If you want your house to be functional, need to rearrange of your rooms,
kitchen and closet or just want to refresh it, let me do that for you!

As your personal home assistant I go with you through de-cluttering, tidying up and organizing process to reclaim your space and time. As a result you will be more efficient at work and be able to focus on things important for you.