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A Home is not a place...

It's a feeling!

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Hi, I’m Inga, A Professional Home Organizer & Home Stager

and founder of Home in Balance 

I am here to help you with decluttering and organizing your home

and with staging your property for sale.

Are you struggling to control the clutter in your home?

Perhaps you’re desperate to reclaim space and regain your peace of mind by removing excess

and unwanted items, but you’re finding it really difficult to motivate yourself.

I can help, because this is what I do - 

I help clients like yourself clear clutter and reorganize the home, helping you to move on

and focus your attention on other, more important things.

I want to help you make profound, positive changes to your life by helping you to clear space. I do this with the use of simple and creative organizational solutions I have devised specifically for problems like this.

I can help you reduce, prioritize and organize your possessions, so your space and mind is clearer. 

When your home is sleeker and more systematic, you can start making new plans for the future -

ones that don’t include dealing with clutter and chaos.

What is more I can support you with HOME STAGING.

Perhaps your home has been up for sale for a while in the real estate market and you want

to have your property sold faster and for the best price?

To earn more on real estate market you need to focus on some factors

and get to know the taste of potential buyers.


Therefore, Home Staging is an essential part of this selling process.

Before you put your home on the real estate market you should know that well written ad, styled and staged home and the way you show the property are the factors that help to maximize price and minimize sale time.


Let me deliver a perfectly staged property (and the profits into your account!).

So Style, Stage and Sell !

I created Home in Balance to help clients reclaim their space by providing simple yet effective solutions

for decluttering. I help you to make your home exactly as you would like it, whether that’s more functional, more minimal, or simply easier and more comfortable to relax and entertain in.

I help sort, clear, empty and rearrange items, and help you decide what you want to discard and what you want to keep. I can even take your discarded items to charities or take them to a recycling unit

on your behalf and buy new, better replacements.


What’s more, all my services are tailored to fit you, your life, your home and your lifestyle.


No service is the same for everyone because not everyone is the same -

and neither are you!


I can also use feng shui to help organise the furniture and accessories thus helping

to harmonize your environment. 


If this has been bugging you for some time now, if you’ve been feeling heavy and low,

after all clutter can impact on mental health - then I can help.

By organizing your space better, decluttering your home and clearing the chaos,

you can begin focussing on your family and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Are you:

  • A busy mother working full time and feeling overwhelmed by it all?

  • Are you under social pressure to present a nice home while drowning in clutter?

  • Do you feel shame about how your home looks and feel unable to entertain friends and work colleagues? 

You know that feeling well. You have a really beautiful home, architecturally impressive, beautiful furnishings, tasteful decor, but all hidden under mounds of clutter,

and objects you no longer want or care for.

It’s just taking time to work your way through it -

the only problem is you never seem to have the time to even start. 

And truth be told, you’re completely overwhelmed by it all. Know what I’m talking about?

It doesn’t have to be like this because with my help I can:

  • Help you to feel more powerful, motivated and confident

  • Help you to feel less busy and more relaxed

  • Help provide you with more time for family, friends and entertaining

  • Help you to feel more confident and in control

  • Work with better,  improved storage ideas.

Yes, ‘entertaining,’ remember that? The heady days when you could proudly give your work colleagues a guided tour of your home -

before it started to look unrecognizable, even to you. 

It’s not a good feeling and it’s starting to affect your mood and your energy.

What I use is a simple, fast, tried and tested process to declutter your home that’s tailored to your needs,

and your home. 

There’s no judgment, after all I’ve seen a lot of this over the years! 

If you’d like a more streamlined, clutter-free environment and a whole new you and home,

then contact me at Home in Balance

Don’t continue to live in discomfort and chaos - you can make positive changes to

how you manage your home - and clutter-free!

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