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HOME is where your story begins

Home in Balance is a company committed to providing neat, creative and wisely organized living space.

It might be challenging to get organized and maintain the order, it’s why I always implement customized solutions that are not only effective but also simple.


I believe that when your home is in balance, your life is in balance and you begin to appreciate the importance of living in a clean and organized home.


Decluttering – are you tired of owning a lot or more than you need? Decluttering is a process when you go through all your belongings to sort them out and decide what you want to keep because you like, use and need these things and what you want to get rid of, because these stuff doesn’t fit to your current life situation.

Organizing – is about grouping your belongings by category and organizing them in a simple and creative way. It is a process that will bring an order and system at your home, that in future will help you find quickly what you need and maintain what was done.

Stuff removing – Decluttering and organizing is one thing, but removing stuff and space clearing is something that the majority of people don’t have time to take care of. Who would enjoy taking unwanted things to charity or useless stuff to trash dump? It is me!

Moving – all the moving process is overwhelming. Finding new place to live, all the beaurocracy and so on. Plus packing- moving – unpacking. There is no point in moving with all the stuff that you don’t want to keep. What is the point of paying for stuff that will stay in the basement in boxes for the next few years?


SO, I will help you to go through your stuff before we pack them into moving boxes, and then I will unpack them and find the best place for them in your new home.

Every home has a potential to inspire. Home in Balance will create inspiringly designed space where a buyer will see his future in.

Home Staging – It’s a professional service of preparing homes for sale in such a way to appeal to potential buyers and generate higher selling prices.

This service consists of different activities like rearranging, decluttering, decorating with current decorations or maybe with some new decorations.

It might also include some small renovations, repairs, wall painting.

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Contact me to book an initial meeting and get more information about what should be done.

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