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32h - 2400 chf

How much will Home Organizing cost you?

1-3 hours - 110 CHF /1h

4-15 hours - 95 CHF/1h

More than 16 hours - 90 CHF/ 1h

Let’s meet first. It is very important to me to become familiar with your needs, expectations and challenges you encounter at home on a daily basis.

I could offer one of the below options:

  •  We can meet personally at your place. The meeting will take between 30-60 min and it is free of charge.

  •  We can also meet online  (free of charge) and it will also take around 30-60 min.


Let me know what you prefer. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Shopping 85 chf

Removing things to dupm trash or charity 85 chf/ 1h

* Minimal duration 2h

**If driving to your residence takes more then 45 minutes or 50 km, there is a charge of 50 chf

(for each additional hour/ for each 50km).

How much will Home Staging cost you?
I know it’s your number one question, but it is hard to decide on the final price upfront.
It depends on multiple factors like the spaces which need to be staged and how it is going to be done. During the free initial meeting I check with you if it is a whole house to be staged
or only several spaces/rooms.
Moreover, the property might only need rearranging or decluttering, only decorating with current decorations or maybe I should provide some new decorations.
It might also need some small renovations, repairs, wall painting. Given all these characteristics,
it would be too complex to set the price before I see what we are talking about.
First of all, let’s meet and discuss which way you would like to stage the property
to achieve maximum profits in the shortest possible time.
Send me an email to book an initial meeting
or call me 076 361 99 60

How much will the Virtual Consultation cost you?

First you send me a few pictures or a short video of a problematic space

and I prepare the action plan. What, how, where and in what order?

This will cost you 40chf.

Then we conect on Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype and I share with you

the entire plan, explain all steps, gives advice and product recommendations.

It costs 60 chf per hour (minimal duration 1h).

After the consultation you get from me an email with the action plan, all steps, inspirations and links to the products.

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