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Living better with less

Hi, I am Inga, Professional Home Organizer with over five years of experience

in organizing and cleaning and Home Stager full of passion for real estate market and ideas for staging properties.

Now I own my own successful organizing company - Home in Balance.

I help people reclaim space and regain pace of mind by removing excess

and unwanted items.I clear clutter and reorganize homes.

I also stage properties for sale and for rent to attract the attention of a potential buyer and finalize the transaction faster and with higher profit!

When your home is in balance your life is in balance !

Apart of organizing i love traveling to sunny destinations. Definitely

I am a child of sun and sea.

I am also passionate about running; it helps me clear my mind.

I've already completed several half marathons, but the big 42K is still my goal.

Organizing has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I have always been good at keeping things tidy and neat. When I was a little girl whenever I visited my cousin I would start throwing all her clothes in the middle of the room making one big pile, then I organized them and folded them again.

She was always surprised as to why I preferred organizing her closet
to watching cartons or playing dolls!

After I had finished my Master’s degree in International Relations. I worked as a Development Manager, and I was very satisfied with my job. However one day I realize that what really gives me joy and satisfaction is organizing people's home so that they are surrounded by things they truly love, need and use.


I help my clients to move from consuming unconsciously to living for and with what they truly love and need. It's not just about being organized, it's a new way of seeing things on your own.

I believe an organized environment can improve our living, by making our lives easier, more productive and giving us more energy to keep the day going.

I still want to learn and develop my own skills,  so I participate in various courses.

Currently I am very interested in Home Staging business, that is why in October 2020

I completed Home Staging Business Course organized by Klaudia Leszczyńska from InstaStaging.

The process of staging properties is related to what I have been doing so far and are

a perfect complement to my portfolio.


I completed interior design course in Crakow at Cracow School of Art. This course gave me knowledge about the elements that are used in order to properly design the interior.

I also obtained a Feng Shui Module A diploma in Switzerland.

The approach represented by Feng Shui to objects, home and energy, is in my opinion, an element that perfectly complements my services.


In addition, since June 2017 I have been a member of Swiss Association of Professional Organizer (Swiss-APO). In 2019 I was honored to become a Swiss-APO  The Best Member of the Year.

We are all busy these days, so why not have an extra hand to help organize your home/office/life?


That is why I am here – to make your space clean, clutter free, stress-free
and give you more time to spend with those you love.

Need that extra hand?

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