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If you own less, you don't have a mess

Who is a professional organizer?

A professional organizer a person who creates order where it is lacking in clients' lives and homes, so that they can make long-term improvements. The professional organizer gives invaluable support and helps people who want to reclaim control of their life, have less stress and have more time to focus on family, work and leisure.


Why should I choose a professional organizer over a cleaning service?

A cleaning service will come into your home or office and clean it from top to bottom, whereas a professional organizer gets to the root of the issue and then puts a creative organizing solutions in place to keep your home organized.


How can a professional organizer help me?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with clutter, guilty because you keep procrastinating and don’t know where to start? The professional organizer will help you control chaos, make positive changes in your life and restore your space through implementation of creative solutions.


Why should I hire you?

I have over four years of experience helping my clients restore and organize cluttered spaces. I know each client is unique and has different problems and expectations, so I always adjust the methode to the client and not the client to the method. I believe there is no one method fits all.

What is the minimal duration of your service?

The minimal duration of my service is two hours.


Will you make me throw away my things?

Anything you discard will be your own decision. I never throw anything away without your permission. If clutter is a problem in your home, you’ll almost certainly need to part with unneeded or unwanted items in order to attain your goals. I’ll help you identify those items and guide you in your decision making.

Is it worth my money?

When you hire a professional organizer, you make an investment in your future. Being disorganized is expensive.
It hampers your productivity and costs you time when you can’t find what you’re looking for. If you’re disorganized when it comes to paying your bills, you might be paying late charges and higher-than-necessary interest rates on credit cards.

Just think what you could do with the time you now spend dealing with your stuff. Freeing your time and your mind by overcoming your barriers to getting and staying organized can pay dividends you can’t even anticipate now. I can help you get there.

Also, I can help you to sell your items, which are still in a good condition. They can not fit anymore to your new life, but for someone can come in handy. It is also a way to recoup some of the money spent on organizing.


Is our work together confidential?

Absolutely. I am aware that clutter and disorder are personal and respect each client’s privacy


How long will my organizing project take?

Every project is different, and every client is different. My job is to keep you on task working at a comfortable pace. With large organizing projects, I give you “homework” to work on in between sessions to help you move forward at a pace that is comfortable for you.


Do you perform a needs analysis?

Yes, I perform a non-judgmental needs analysis, during our initial conversation.  We will discuss your project in detail.  After that I will send you the needs analysis via e-mail.


Do you work evenings or/and weekends?

I have specific working hours, hovever I am willing to accommodate to your schedule, according your needs.


What do I need to do to prepare for your first visit?

There is no preparation required before my arrival. I like to see your space exactly as you live in it so that I can make the best suggestions for organization. If you are motivated to organize before the session, we suggest that you locate and make available any extra storage supplies you have.


Do I have to be present when the professional organizer is working?

I believe you are best served by being present (or at least available) during the organizing session. During the weed-out process, the client must be there to make decisions. I do not eliminate anything without the client’s consent. After the weed-out stage, I am able to work independently.

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