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6 habits which help you to keep your home CLUTTER-FREE

We all are busy these days, work, kids, parents, leisure and so on. I know what I am writing about! There are days when I can’t find one hour for myself and in addition the “to do” list is still long.

Each of us has priorities- I completely understand, mines are not the same like yours.

But what I know is, when we are in a clean and neat environment we are calmer, more productive and happier. Yes, happier, because we don’t have to worry about the mess which overwhelmed us.

Thus, below you can find six habits which will help you to keep your place tide up. Don’t postpone your tasks for later, don’t let your duties pile up!

1. MAKE YOUR BED EACH MORNING – Start your day well. Your bed is the centerpiece of the room and when is undone, clutter begins to accumulate around it.

Home in Balance Home organizer Geneva

2. HANDLE MAIL IMMEDIATELY - Don’t only relocate your mail from mailbox to countertop. Segregate junk mail (flyers, magazines advertising), priority mail (bills, reminders), and the rest of the mail that can be done later (discount coupons, letters from family)✉

3. CLEAN DISHES EVERY TIME YOU USE THEM – Clean dishes immediately after a meal. It takes less time, because the food has not dried and it helps to keep the kitchen clean (lucky those of you who have a dishwasher).🍴🍝

4. EACH ITEM HAS ITS PLACE – Usually we create mess, because during the day we take items and never put them back. If you move it – put it back and at the end of a day your home will be cleaned and tided up.

5. KEEP YOUR COUNTERTOP CLEAN – Mess attract mess. I know an amount of people who use the countertop as a place to store things. They put there off letters, flyers, children’s books, bills etc. and crap pile grows and grows. But a clean countertop is an example of calm and order.

Home in Balance Home organizer Geneva

6. COMPLETE 3 MINUTE JOBS – Clutter is usually a result of procrastination decision. Keep your home organized by immediately doing job which can be completed in less than 2 minutes: clean out your purse, wallet, backpack, throw away expired food from the fridge or clean out one drawer.

Home in Balance Home organizer Geneva

Each of these daily habits are routine for you, you will see how to reduce the clutter at your home!

The first step to start your clutter free life is to make little things every day!

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