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Easy tips to keep the fridge organized

I don’t have to remind you how being organized can help you to make your life easier, right?

Usually we talk about time organization, closet organization, being organized with kids and so on. But not so often we think about such an important thing as fridge organization.

In many ways the fridge is the heart of the kitchen, and you probably reach in there more times a day than you can count. With the bad organization you keep the door open for too long what at the end can influences to the food condition.

How we feed depends, among the other things, on how our kitchen, our pantry and our fridge look like. If you don’t care about order and cleanliness around you how want you keep your body and mind healthy?!

However for those of you who care, I’ve prepared tips which will help you feel great every time you open your fridge, and save time when you want to prepare some tasty meal.

First of all always keep your fridge clean. Don’t let the mold to appear! The best time to clean your fridge is before you do grocery, when is almost empty. It takes less time to wipe the shelves. Do it regularly to avoid dirt. Make your fridge sparkle.

Once your fridge is clean, think if the shelves are adjusted properly to your nutrition style and kind of food you usually buy. Taking time to set your shelves and drawers accordingly will save your time in the long run.

Next step you should regularly take is going through the rest of food and get rid of all expired and keep in mind all products with a short expiration date to eat them in the next few days.

Let’s get to the fridge organization. To keep it well organized put things from the same category together like cheese, meat, jars, vegetables, fruits etc. Consider choosing to containers to improve organization and make these products easy to storage and to grab out of the refrigerator.

I used and recommend containers from Swiss brand Rotho. They have different collection that you can find on their website or all MIGROS or COOP. I used a RONDO and LOFT collection.

Keep most often used aliments in front for easy access.

The door is intended for storing drinks, milk and salad dressing.

It doesn’t matter how big or small is your fridge. The point is to be regularly with cleaning and being prudent with buying food to avoid throwing. The best way is do a shopping list a weekly menu.

Good luck and let me know how your fridge looks like.


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