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Organized shopping list and weekly menu

For a long time I have been thinking about this topic and somehow I couldn’t

make my mind up, until I decided to drop a few kilos before my dream vacation in Florida.

In order to stick to my diet, and start eating well (I've never eaten badly, but it can always be better), I decided that the best solution would be not only to make a list of what to buy before shopping, but also to plan meals for the next few days. And now I can honestly say that planning meals for the whole week makes life and cooking a lot easier.

I can happily confirm that being well organized means

1) I have more time for myself and my family,

2) purchased food does not get wasted and never ends up in the trash,

3) It helps with better nutrition and healthier lifestyle because you avoid junk food.

So, it has a positive effect on my health and body (and mind?).

I think that my reluctance was caused by the fact that I do not like cooking and kitchen is not my favorite place at home. However being a mother means I have to take care of my child and ensure she eats well.

Anyway, what helps me make the whole process of buying, cooking and eating easier is the meal plan. In addition, the food is not wasted anymore, I spend less money and I am not tempted by other products that seem to be needed and ultimately prove to be useless.

As I am not the best cook (and I am not ashamed about it!) it was hard for me to come up with seven meals every week. Thus, with my husband, we created a list of dishes that we like and, above all, we know how to cook. And from this list hanging on the fridge, every week we choose what we want to eat in the coming days. And the products that we need to buy are saved on the shopping list.

And this is how the blog entry was created with a long reluctance to plan meals! I would highly recommend this method. Beginning is not easy, but it is worth to try and be systematic. It will result in saved money, not wasted food and healthy nutrition. It is also another element of a well-organized house, a home in balance.

And of course, small things like fresh bread, fresh dill or other small things are better to buy in the shop near the house from day to day.

In the attachment you can find a form with a week menu and a shopping list.

Enjoy your meal!!

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