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You are more worth than your belongings

Most of us, own a lot of things, even we think we don’t. If we have something now, it means we wanted it in the past. It is the reason why we bought it, right?

We are surrounded by items, which one day in our past we strongly desired. No matter how much we wanted to own them in the past over time we have become accustomed to them until we totally lose interest in them. After that we start to want something else, something new, something more expensive. We want to be re-energized and still have more and more. Despite your friends or relatives think you have enough, important is what you think and feel.

All we know that feeling when we open our closet looking for something to wear and after 5 minutes we come to the conclusion, that we have nothing to wear. But every time when we come back home with new dress, shirt or jeans we feel so happy and lucky that we found something what we like and what fits on us. So, why one month later we don’t have what to wear?

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Let’s look at other aspects of our life. Many of our desires have been fulfilled. So why don’t we feel satisfied?

I think it is because we want to show our value to other people by what we have. We want to tell them how valuable people we are. So, it is why we own and still buy more objects and clothes.

Imagine that you are on a desert island with twenty other people. And what you have is only plain white t-shirt and shorts. Thus, you don’t have all your belongings with you, so how you will show this people and how you will convince them that you are a great, friendly and trustworthy person?

Important is not what you have outside but what you have inside you!

Don’t forget about it when you would like to go shopping again!

You can’t judge a book by its cover!

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