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My first online consultation

Some time ago in the middle of April 2017 I got a message on my Facebook professional page from the person who have been following my profile for a long time.

Let’s call the person E, as a country where she/he is come from – Egypt. So, E asked me for help and advice. E's master bedroom was totally cluttered and messy.

Excited about upcoming job assignment, I asked E for more details and I proposed a meeting. Unfortunately, it turned out that E lives in Egypt and is only interested in advice how to start and go through the process.

What a pity! - I thought.

What I could do? I kindly answered that unfortunately I don’t provide online services.

However, on secont thought I decided to help, since organizing and supporting people is my main goal. And it doesn’t always have to be done in client's place. Actually, it has more value when a person can be more motivated by me and become independent.

Thus, E sent me few pictures of their master bedroom and I sat down comfortably in my office and began to write down all the words that came to my head after seeing the photos.

Home in Balance Home organizer Geneva

Honestly, that was a big challenge for me. As the room was completely cluttered and didn't really look like a bedroom. In addition, I coulnd't be there personally! :(

But let's come back to the point.

Below you will read what I wrote to E.

"Dear E, you have already taken the first and the most important step - you decided to start and make some changes! WELL DONE!

To the point:

Prepare 3 different bags or boxes. One will be designated for clothes or things to THROW AWAY, second for things or clothes to DONATE and third one for objects that you want to KEEP.

How to decide to which of the boxes you should put the things?

1. All things which are broken, have holes or stains and you can’t use them anymore should be placed in the THROW AWAY bag/box.

2. Items which are still working but you don’t need them and clothes, which do not fit you, or you simply don’t like anymore put to DONATE bag/box. The same with duplicates, you don’t need the same t-shirts, 4 blankets or 10 bags for cosmetics! Two pieces of each item are enough.

Of course if you don’t want to give them for free, you can try to sell them. I don’t know how it works in Egypt but in Switzerland are many websites, facebook groups or second hand stores where you can sell your belongings. You don’t need theseis things, but maybe they can be useful for someone else.

3. KEEP only clothes that you really like to wear and objects you use often - things that bring you joy and makes you happy!

Don’t do a little bit every day. Do it once and for all! Find a right time/day and don’t stop before you finish. Be consistent and not sentimental.

I don’t really recommend it, but if you have a problem to take immediate decision prepare a fourth bag for exceptions - all the things that you are not sure what to do with. You will decide later.

At the end don’t forget to wipe a dust, hoover and clean the floor!

You can buy new baskets instead of the paper boxes on the shelves or use a self-adhesive paper to make them look prettier.

I hope my advice will be helpful for you, and you will go easily through the decluttering and organizing process.

Unfortunately I can’t help you directly, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact me!

Good luck!"

One month and a half later I texted to E to find out how the things are going. Nicely surprised I read new message from E.

What I saw was unbelievable. The pictures "before&after" surprised me a lot!

It was amazing that the person who was overwhelmed and didn't how and where to start, after a few pieces of advice has become motivated and did such a great job!

This is a next project and another activity which I can add to my portfolio. I am so proud of E and happy I could help.

This is another proof that my activity and efforts make sense and make me and others happy!

Can' t wait to a new challenge!

Home in Balance Home organizer Geneva

Home in Balance Home organizer Geneva

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