How to clean home with small steps

Finally summer holiday came to Switzerland. With these two hot months you can organize your home with small steps,

Clutter is not for free it always comes with a price. It may not be obvious at the beginning,

but the more things we accumulate, the more they begin to demand of us.


Time, space, money, energy, putting back, tidying, efficiency and so on.

Thus, I want to help you to be more organized and free.

If you are tired of excess stuff, clutter and lack of time I can help you. What you have to do is to take a part of challenge CLEAN YOUR SPACE and go through your possessions, attempting to clear out unnecessary items as much as possible.

When we free ourselves from "stuff", we have so much more to give to the things

that really matter.

Join to my 13 weeks challenge. It is designed for people who are ready to take back control of their homes and things they own.

That time small spaces are our goal.

If you want to go far, first learn to do small steps!

Some tips before we get started:

1. Do it once and good! Find a right time and don’t stop before you finish. Because spaces are small you don’t need whole day, but be aware that it can also take more than 5 minutes.

2. Be consistent and not sentimental.

3. Keep in mind four questions:

It is useful?

Do I like it?

Is this beautiful?

It is worth to keep it in my home?

4. Get rid of all products which came to an end or at the end briefly expiration date.

5. Get rid of all broken, leaky or no longer suitable for use items.

6. There is no exceptions for clothes with holes, stains or too small.

Don’t forget to clean and wipe a dust of the space you are working on. Don’t put back items you want to keep inside the dirty drawer!

Let’s get organized together!

WEEK 1 #fridge

WEEK 2 #spices

WEEK 3 #cutlery

WEEK 4 #paper & plastics bags

WEEK 5 #pots

WEEK 6 #coffee tea

WEEK 7 #underwear & socks

WEEK 8 #swimsuits

WEEK 9 #necklaces

WEEK 10 #medicines

WEEK 11 #cosmetics

WEEK 12 #books, newspapers, magazines

WEEK 13 #ornaments

If there is any space you would like to add, do not hesitate leave it in comments.

Good luck!

#organizingsummercleanhomedecluttering #order #summercleaning #minimalism #organizingideas #simplicity #easyliving #embaracedspace #spices #underwear #swimsuits #medicines

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