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It is time to start my blog adventure

Finally came this day. The day when I start the adventure with my own blog about organizing, decluttering, cleaning, minimalism and everything what is related with keeping home and environment tidy up and neat.

I have always been good at keeping things organized and neat. From what I remember my thoughts where focused on cleaning up – literally.

I spent my childhood in one of the most beautiful cities in Poland – Krakow. Very historical and interesting but also very dirty city. I remember well my trips with my grandfather around the town, when he was talking me about buildings, history and architecture, but I had my head busy with different topics…Looking through the bus window (sorry I was trying to looking through), I had a dream, that when I grow up I will working hard but with the passion and clean all buses, trams and shop windows in my home town. Really! I couldn’t understand, why there is nobody who is in charge of all unclean public transport in Krakow. I was maybe around ten years old and dreamed big.

Each weekend I spent with my parents and brother in our garden in the suburbs of Krakow. I was not interested in playing football with my brother or plant care with my mum, because I was busy sweeping the sidewalk, the cottage, washing the terrace and ordering grandfather’s tools.

Inga Fira Home in Balance Home organizer Geneva

Whenever I visited my cousin I would start throwing all her clothes in the middle of the room making one big pile, then I organized them and folded them again. She was always surprised as to why I preferred organizing her closet to watching cartons or playing dolls!

My Mom still reminds me, when I was at primary school, every day I would fill the whole bin with paper rubbish. She couldn’t understand how I could have so many unnecessary papers every day. For me the answer was easy- I wanted to have all school documents well organized in order to be well prepared for learning.

As you can see organizing and cleaning has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. And that is why I want my passion to be transformed into my profession.

Wish my good luck and follow me to see how the things are going.


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