How to enjoy morning coffee, explore cooking and welcome guests in your kitchen - 7 ways to declutte

I don’t know about you, and I don’t know why, but in my case, when my girls visit me for some coffee and chitchatting we usually stay in the kitchen. Thus, this room in my apartment must be always clean, neat, organized and ready to welcome guests. Although I really don’t like cooking, the kitchen is important for me!

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What you should remember is that your kitchen strongly influences your food choices, so therefore, this is the natural place to begin with when decluttering your waistline.

1. First of all ask yourself “What do you expect from this room?” Do you want the kitchen to be

a place where:

  • you are leisurely drinking your morning coffee and meet your partner/kids?

  • you can easily and quickly cook and grab what you need?

  • you can welcome guests and have fun cooking?

  • you can explore new styles of cooking?

2.Second, be aware of owned items, as they have a certain power. They remind you about the past, the good or bad moments, that had a good or bad influence on your behaviors and habits.

The decision about throwing all malignant items is not always easy, but will takes you to another level of your happiness. What malignant stuff you can find in the kitchen? For example:

- processed and junk food

- unhealthy cooking tools (deep-fat fryers)

- cooking gadgets you had hopes for but never used, creating a feeling of failure in the kitchen

3. Clean out your fridge and freezer. The best time to do it is before the grocery shopping, when both are almost empty and, therefore, easy to clean! Start with expired food, after ask yourself “Will this food carry me to success?”

4. Go through the same process with your pantry. Don’t be focus only on sorting and throwing, wipe up any dust and crumbs as well.

5. Clear off all horizontal surfaces. These cluttered surfaces become a highly visible contributor to household messiness. The rule is easy: Keep flat surfaces clear and uncluttered in order to create a more open and welcoming space. What you should remember is that flat surfaces are not for storage! When your kitchen looks clean, neat and more functional, you'll be more likely to cook and less tempted to just eat elsewhere.

6. Create functional kitchen. Be sure that the preparation area is clearly defined and all items conveniently located. All pots, knives, bowls, cutting boards, spices should be easy to grab.

What to get rid of? All duplicates of any items and plastic storage containers without a lid must definitely go!

7. Keep a reasonable number of platters and serving dishes. Remove all which are long unused, chipped or damaged, as well as unmatched items.

At the end, gather up the pile and:

• Distribute items to friends or family • Sell things on or fb groups

• Donate it to Emaus or the Red Cross • Set things out on your curb with a sign that reads "FREE” • Recycle whatever you can • The rest worthless items throw in the trash

Good luck!

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